Rabbi Resnick

Rabbi Resnick

studyRabbi Asher Resnick was born and raised in LA, and graduated from UCLA with a BA in Psychology. He received rabbinic ordination from Aish HaTorah and the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. He served as a senior lecturer at the Institute of Jewish Legal and Medical Ethics in San Francisco, and at the Aish HaTorah Branch in New York. Rabbi Resnick is currently one of the Educational Coordinators of Aish’s Executive Learning Center, and a senior training lecturer for Aish HaTorah’s Rabbinical Ordination program. As a close student of Rav Noach Weinberg zt”l, he developed a special expertise in addressing fundamental issues in Judaism, as well as in bringing classical texts to life. He is now bringing the Jewish clarity he has developed over his past thirty-five years of experience as a teacher, writer, and teacher-trainer, to the wider Jewish world. 

Topics to Discuss:

Philosophical/Theological Topics:

Classical Proofs for G-d and Torah

Why the Chosen People is not a Racist Idea

The Torah perspective of Anti-Semitism – Why the Jews?

How Does Judaism Understand the Holocaust?

Understanding/Dealing with Difficulties and Challenges:

Pain is a Reality, Suffering is a Choice – Why Painful things happen to Good People

Maintaining an Eternal Relationship with our Deceased Loved Ones

The Meaning of a Life Tragically Cut Short

Dealing with Painful Emotions and Anger at G-d

Understanding Divine Messages in Life’s Difficult Challenges

Honoring our Deceased Relatives: Bringing Merit to our Loved Ones

Appreciating the Benefits of Painful Difficulties and Challenges

What is the Jewish Understanding of the World to Come (Olam Haba).


Rate to Skype with Rabbi Resnick: $110/hr.

Rabbi Resnick is also available for Speaker Tours and Shabbatons – information available upon request.