Dr. Gerald Schroeder



Dr. Gerald Schroeder lives in Jerusalem with his wife, the author Barbara Sofer. They have five children and a changing number of grandchildren. His formal education includes BSc, MSc, and PhD all earned at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology [M.I.T.]. His theological training includes twenty years of study under the late Rabbi Herman Pollack and Rabbi Noah Weinberg, and Rabbi Chaim Brovender.

His professional experience includes seven years on the staff of the M.I.T. Physics Department prior to moving to Israel and joining the Weizmann Institute of Science and then the Volcani Research Institute and the Hebrew University Isotope Separation Mass Spectrometer facility. Currently he teaches at the College of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem and lectures world–wide on the amazing confluence of ancient Biblical commentary and the discoveries of modern science. In addition, he is active in research in environmental radioactivity. Schroeder has in excess of 60 publications in the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and has witnessed the detonation of a long series of nuclear weapons (atomic bombs) during research in nuclear physics.

Schroeder is author of GENESIS AND THE BIG BANG (Bantam Doubleday); THE SCIENCE OF GOD (Free Press of Simon & Schuster, and Broadway Books of Bantam Doubleday); THE HIDDEN FACE OF GOD (Free Press); GOD ACCORDING TO GOD (HarperOne). In the first full year of its publication, The Science of God was on the Barnes & Noble list of non-fiction best sellers and was Amazon’s best selling book in the field of physics/cosmology for that entire year. His books appear in ten languages.

YouTube PROOF OF GOD IN 5 MINUTES  approx. four million views web-wide; of these about half are on Jewish sites; half on Christian sites.

His lecture venues have ranged from synagogues literally around the world to The Mormon Tabernacle in Provo Utah and the NASA site in Houston Texas; from Chabad in South Africa to mega-churches in Brazil and outposts in Korea.


Science has discovered God – Literally, and even atheists agree!

The age of our universe – the Bible and dinosaurs: how a religious scientist can believe in both.

Origins of humankind: from mud to man; comparing Biblical writings with the fossil record. The hominid in our family tree: Adam’s parents?

Evolution and the Bible: answering a contradiction. Is it Divine, or Darwin or some of both? What the dinosaurs can teach us about how God runs the world.

The physics and meta-physics of free will in a world where God knows the future: If our Creator knows the future, how do we have free will – a Biblical and scientific explanation.

God According to God: what the Bible really tells us about God; making sense of a world created by a compassionate God and yet has both joy and tragedy. The answer lies in the nature of God as described in the Bible

Life after Death – Quantum physics and the afterlife: Science is discovering that the line between life and death may actually be only a change in perspective of what life actually is and not a line at all.

Science and spirituality: how did the light beams of the big bang creation become alive and sentient, learn to love, feel joy and then ultimately begin to wonder how the wonder of life happened. It’s all in the first word of the Bible: Braisheet.

The Biblical Tabernacle as a model of the universe: from the creation to the present.

Bread from the Earth: revealing a universe tuned for life.

Genesis and the Big Bang: ancient wisdom and modern science.

Arguing with God: Abraham, Moses, the Books of Job and Jonah, our name Israel.

Bere’sheet – why this opening word of the Bible never referred to a beginning. Getting the Greek translation out of the Bible. And in doing so discovering the wisdom of I will be that which I will be (Exodus 3:14).

A scientist’s view of Biblical religion: Seeing God in the Physics Lab.

Academic freedom in the sciences: sure, as long as you support the party line.

FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) and an overview of the answers. A survey of scientifically and biblically powerful replies to questions that attempt to challenge the validity of the Bible. Or how to prepare yourself for the dorm–room bull session, the agnostic professor who is absolutely certain that there are no absolutes, the lunch time debate at work about the validity of the God of the Bible. Know what to answer an apikorous!

Books are:

Genesis And The Big Bang [Bantam Doubleday]

The Science of God [Simon and Schuster]

The Hidden Face of God [Simon and Schuster]

God According to God [HarperOne]

Well, What about Dinosaurs, and 35 other Bible challenging  questions – and the answers,  with Rabbi Heschel Weiner; People of the eBooks.com

The talks are based totally on ancient biblical commentary and modern science. Following a talk, I overheard one teenager saying to another as they were leaving the auditorium: “Finally it all makes sense.” That is the finest summary of my goal I have ever been privileged to hear.

Teaching from my home via Skype would be $260 with possible discounts depending on one’s resources.